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A small sampling of the questionnaire that will be made available to your business partners when you purchase our Client Survey is shown below. The survey will be hosted on our website in an area exclusively dedicated to your company and identified by your logo. Working on your behalf, we will provide a website link via email to your business partners inviting them to respond to the survey. SCS will tabulate the results and provide a hardcopy of the survey that can be presented to CBP during the Validation process.

We invite you to fill in this interactive sample demo so you can experience for yourself how easy it is to use. This sample will function for you the same way it will when your business partners use it. Try it now!

your company logo

Please complete the following form, all items are required. Please review your answers and then click on the submit button.

Section 1 - Your Information:
First Name:
Last Name:
Phone: (include country code)
e-mail Address:
Section 3- C-TPAT Information:
C-TPAT Contact:
C-TPAT e-mail:
C-TPAT Participation:
Enter SVI Number:
Select the organization(s) below in which your company participates:
AEO Direct Company Involvement
AEO Known Vendor Involvement
BASC (Business Alliance for Secure Commerce)
CIP (Carrier Initiative Program)
FAST (Free and Safe Trade)
PIP (Partnership in Protection Canada Customs)
SCIP (Super Carrier Initiative Program)
Section 4- Questions:
Please reply to the following group of questions with a Yes, No or UNK (Unknown) response.
1.  Is your company eligible to participate in C-TPAT?
6.  Do you have a written security procedures for your direct supply chain partners?
10. Does your company require positive photo identification of all visitors and vendors?
14. Are there controls in place to prevent unauthorized access to your computer system?
21. Are there written procedures in place to prevent the introduction of non-manifested cargo into your supply chain?
33. Has a company owned and controlled facility been visited by U.S. Customs agent for any reason in the last two or three calendar years?
36. Are you located in a country identified by the U.S. Government as a country of origin for terrorist organization(s)?

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