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The Premier ‘HOW TO’ Manual designed to help you meet your Supply Chain Security Goals

The C-TPAT program offers your business an opportunity to play an active role in the war against terrorism. By participating in C-TPAT, your company will ensure a more secure supply chain for your employees, suppliers, and customers - and allow your cargo faster processing at the border.

Our 480 plus page Compliance Manual offers a comprehensive step-by step guide designed to help you formulate your strategic and tactical security program.

This is not just a book!

This is not just a book……it is a road map for designing a ‘best practices’ workplace security program for your business. Its structured implementation process will save literally hundreds of hours over ‘starting from scratch’ and thousands of dollars compared to initial programs provided by consultants.

C-TPAT Compliance Manual Solutions for C-TPAT Participants:

FAST Compliance Manual Solutions for FAST Participants:

Our Customized Manual Solution

We will customize our manual to suit your business. A customized manual will address your businesses specific operational requirements and limitations as well as the security measures that have been designed to mitigate your risk and exposure. We will use your company logos, pictures and management messages to complete the visual customization of this professionally designed manual. Contact a Consultant today to find out more about this exciting product.

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The Message Should be Clear

"The message should be clear -- if a business takes steps to secure its cargo against terrorism, we will give it the 'fast lane' through the border...C-TPAT is a program through which businesses win, governments win, and most importantly, the American people win."
(US Customs Commissioner Robert C. Bonner, April 16, 2002)


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