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A key element of the security criteria established under C-TPAT guidelines is Security Training and Threat Awareness. CBP suggests that a threat awareness program be established and maintained by a business’s C-TPAT Administrator to help employees recognize and foster awareness of possible threats at each point along their supply chain. This Security Training and Threat Awareness criteria is fundamentally designed to be one of the building block for C-TPAT members to institute effective security practices.

All employees should have minimum security awareness training and be able to recognize possible threats to the security of the company’s supply chain. Key employees, specifically those working in the shipping and receiving areas, as well as those who open mail should have more in-depth security training that is designed to educate the employee in maintaining cargo/product integrity, recognizing internal conspiracies, maintaining conveyance security, recognizing documentation fraud and a host of other essential security related subjects. A security aware employee and strong supply chain security measures is your best defense against loss, theft, and contraband smuggling.

We can solve your security training problems with our Basic and Advanced security training courses that we offer on an easy to use e-Learning Campus website. e-Learning is a convenient and cost effective training method. It is available to anyone who has access to the internet and courses can be completed at the student’s convenience. No costly traveling or seminars to get the message out.

You can order a course(s) by sending an email request to our course administrator (Click here to send email request) . You will be contacted for payment information and you will receive your enrollment email when the course has been assigned or your employer can arrange for a group enrollment. Access to the learning platform is easy and individual support is available to every student.

Any course in our catalog can be customized to suit your company’s training needs. Contact a consultant today to discuss this unique product.

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