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The courses on this page have been selected as REQUEST ONLY courses. These courses are sold in minimum blocks of 50 seats. Once assigned, they remain open to a student to complete within the same 30 day period as our Current Course offerings. Some courses have short exams after each section as well as a final exam and others have a final exam only. A Certificate of Completion can be created and printed by the Student on achieving a passing score of 70%. If a seat is vacated, and the course has not been opened, a new student may be seated for a small administrative fee.

Course Catalog:

Click on the course name for a description of the course, the targeted learner, the course objectives and approximate time needed for completion.

C-TPAT Extended Courses

Cursos Extendidos C-TPAT - Español

C-TPAT Extended Courses - German

C-TPAT Basic Training Courses

Cursos Básicos C-TPAT - Español

FAST Courses

FDA Courses

FDA Courses - Español

HAZMAT Courses

Cursos HAZMAT - Español

ISPS Courses

Cursos PBIP - Español

MTSA Courses

Cursos MTSA - Español

US Customs Courses

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