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C-TPAT Consulting Services Package

Our goal at Supply Chain Security, Inc. (SCS) is to become your strategic partner, devoted to researching, analyzing, and helping you to implement critical regulatory requirements.

SCS has developed a proven formula for success in the C-TPAT Certification and Validation process. We begin with a site visit to your designated facility at an agreed upon time that usually takes no longer than a day to complete. During this visit, our consultant observes your operations and the security practices already in place. The information gathered helps our staff to prepare an Executive Summary/Security Profile that meets and exceeds the minimum standards required by CBP for your business discipline.

The Executive Summary is then reviewed with your C-TPAT Administrator to ensure accuracy and, when approved, SCS uploads the details in the CBP C-TPAT portal system.

Our Consulting Packages can be arranged to suit any requirement and budget. By using our experience with various clients who have a variety of requirements, we have developed a menu of consulting packages from which you can choose.

Our Full Consulting Package:

This package allows our Consultant to initiate the application process with CBP and to remain responsible for all stages of the application through to full Certification. This package offers the following items:

  • Personalized consulting at your location.
  • An in-depth analysis of your company security procedures.
  • Preparation and Filing of your Executive Summary/Security Profile.
  • A Customized C-TPAT Compliance Manual that addresses your company’s specific needs.
  • Client Survey - Our web based data gathering system that targets your key vendors to determine their compliance in securing your supply chain.

Choose an Alternative Consulting Package:

  • Partial C-TPAT Consulting - This package allows an SCS Consultant to work with the client only on those portions of the application process where some help and expertise may be needed, or where certain SCS products may be needed to complete the applicant’s certification requirements; such as conducting a Client Survey or providing Security Awareness Training for key employees.
  • Pre-Validation Consulting - This package allows an SCS Consultant to conduct a site visit just prior to your Validation visit to evaluate your process and make corrective recommendations where needed.
  • Post-Validation Consulting - This package allows an SCS Consultant to help correct any non-conformity that was found during the Validation visit and prepare you for your next visit.

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Our consultants have helped an impressive list of companies achieve their C-TPAT goals. From the smallest to the largest, we can get the job done on time and on budget.


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